Client work – Space Documentaries

I narrated a trilogy of Space Documentaries produced by  FREE SPIRIT FILM & TV which premiered on Eden TV in the UK in March 2015.

Fantastic scripts, with a range of emotional perspectives  from high emotion and excitement to poignancy.


The Saturn V Story


The Saturn V Story tells of the most powerful machine ever built, and the men and women who believed it could fly. Using visual effects, stunning NASA footage and expert interviews with Apollo space scientists, this inspirational film tells the story of the colossal challenges NASA faced to fulfill Kennedy’s pledge.

With the accolade of flying 24 men to the Moon, the Saturn V will always be considered one of Mankind’s greatest technological achievements. This inspirational film reveals the colossal challenges NASA faced to make it fly.




13 Factors That Saved Apollo 13

13 Factors That Saved Apollo 13 is a gripping tale of distant desperation and heroics. When an oxygen leak threatened the lives of three astronauts, the mission became a life or death attempt to get them home safely, organised by people 200,000 miles away.

With limited power and supplies on board the spacecraft, NASA teams worked around the clock to engineer creative solutions to overcome carbon dioxide poisoning, dehydration, and the freezing temperatures of deep space to ensure the crew’s survival.

Using spectacular footage, exclusive interviews with Apollo’s space scientists and stunning visual effects, this film explores 13 remarkable factors that brought the crew safely home. Explore the full story of the courage and ingenuity that cemented Apollo 13 as NASA’s finest hour.



astronauttrainingsmallIn 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface and into the history books as the first of only twelve men to walk on the Moon.

But in 1961 when Kennedy pledged to put a man on the Moon, NASA had barely put a man into orbit. They had less than 10 years to train a team of astronauts to overcome the unknown challenges of a mission to the Moon.

What followed was a rigorous, intense training period that put America’s first astronauts through their paces; testing their physical and mental strength, stamina, flying skills and bravery to ensure they were made of the right stuff.

But Centrifuges, probing medical tests and jungle survival training was just the beginning, planting flags and footprints wasn’t enough; the select few would not only need to pilot the complex spacecraft to and from the moon but also be skilled photographers, geologists and scientists.

Featuring stunning NASA footage and expert interviews with Apollo space scientists, this inspirational film explores the early days of astronaut training, following those pioneering pilots from selection to the lunar surface and back again.

This is the incredible story of how NASA trained America’s best pilots to fly to the Moon, and take one giant leap for Mankind.